Variable speed drives: what you need to know

Variable speed drives (VSDs), also called variable frequency drives, are a valuable tool for energy management. VSDs are used in connection with pump and fan applications to vary the pump or fan speed according to demand, often with large savings in energy use. A VSD system typically consists of a three-phase AC induction motor and a variable frequency power supply.

What are inverters and AC drives?

Inverters, also called AC Drives or VFD (variable frequency drives), are electronic devices that can turn DC (direct current) to AC (alternating current). It is also responsible for controlling speed and torque for electric motors. An inverter controls the frequency of power supplied to an AC motor to control the rotation speed of the motor.

Main functions of OMRON’s variable speed drives and inverters

OMRON inverters can control induction motors and synchronous motors. A few helpful functions:

- Inverter overload detection: to protect both the inverter and motor from burning.

- Torque boost (torque compensation): manual or automatic torque adjustment available.

- Inverter overvoltage detection and braking function: to prevent dangerous overvoltage.

OMRON’s variable speed drive (VSD) product range

MX2 series fast response inverter for machine control: Smooth control down to zero speed, plus precise operation for cyclic operations and torque control capability in an open loop. The MX2 IP54 is the perfect choice for your standalone inverter solutions.

RX2 series high-performance inverter: The RX2 series inverter is designed to address the needs of manufacturers for high speed, exceptional performance, and effortless usability. Familiar features and similar dimensions make setup and operation easy.

3G3RX AC Drive Frequency Inverter: The RX combines the same high level of quality and performance for which OMRON is renowned, plus the ability to customise your inverter quickly and easily. Can be customised to match your precise requirements.

See OMRON’s range of variable speed drives and inverters below, or contact us today.