Engineering Services

At Omron, we don’t just sell quality products, we offer high value services for those products, that help you achieve your goals. Our professional services range from consultancy, training, engineering, programming and much more.

Our Services

Omron offer a wide range of engineering options, including:
  • Consultancy, especially during the presales process, where we can offer advice and make recommendations.

  • Servicing options. We also provide preventative maintenance programs to ensure your investment in Omron products provides maximum return.

  • Engineering and programming. We have the expertise to program all the products and sell plus more. We provide a full range of services, from full turnkey projects, to making minor tweaks on working systems.

We cover the entire Omron product range, including:
  • Programmable controllers – we can design, build and program complete systems. These systems can involve industrial controllers and a wide range of other industrial components that all need to be interconnected to produce a working system.

  • Motion and drives – engineering expertise, such as sizing and electrical considerations, can be given on how to use of servos and drives correctly.

  • Machine Safety Expert – Our TÜV certified team of machine safety experts can advise on how to make your machine safer to operate. Recommendations from the safety standards and advice on wiring and programming can also be given.

  • Visual inspection systems – we can configure and program the entire range of vision systems, from simple bar code reading to advanced, highspeed inspection systems utilising industrial communications.

  • General products. Our experts can assist you in selecting the right product for a given application. We can also advise on the electrical considerations, thermal characteristics and other factors.

  • Robot servicing, for fixed and mobile robots and cobots. Our offering include maintenance and servicing, and regular health check programs. Suggestions on how operations can be improved can also be given.

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At Omron we realise how important it is to have well-trained staff, who are qualified to perform the tasks allotted to them. To this end, we provide a portfolio of training courses on our more advanced products, that require programming and configuration.

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Omron’s FREE eLearning system features over 50 courses, covering a wide range of industrial devices and automation technologies.

Courses are available from a standard web browser and can be accessed anytime from anywhere. They’re also offered in 13 different languages.

Introductory level courses are available, which focus on the basics of Omron technology. Other courses are more advanced and explain the operations and application of products.

Each course has review questions at the end of each chapter and a post-assessment is available at the end of course.

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Repair Service

By keeping your products in the best possible condition, their life can be extended which will help you achieve optimum results, for the lowest cost.

We provide a high quality repair service as we realise how important it is to protect your investment in our products. We service most products inhouse, at our Sydney and Auckland offices. We can usually assess repair viability within 24 hours.

So whether your product is under warranty or not, our repair experts are trained to take corrective action and make recommendations for you.

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