Safety Mats

What are industrial safety floor mats?

Safety mats are used to detect the presence of workers or visitors in hazardous workplace areas. These presence-sensing mats are usually located where access to the perimeter needs to be guarded - such as around robots, manufacturing work cells, food processing equipment and automated assembly equipment.

How does a safety mat work?

When the weight or pressure on the mat exceeds a designated weight, the safety circuit in the safety mat will send a signal to stop the machine before anyone can get close enough to be injured.

If a mat is punctured, a wire breaks or the mat is disconnected from the safety controller, the controller will not restart until it is fixed and/or replaced.

Introducing OMRON’s UMA safety mat system

OMRON’s UMA safety mat system consists of 2-wire or 4-wire heavy-duty presence-sensing safety mats with quick disconnect cable, perimeter trim and Cat.3 controllers.

Our safety mats are IP65 rated and durable enough to withstand forklift traffic and heavy static loads. The mats are polyurethane to improve oil and detergent resistance versus PVCs. The M8 cable connections can be easily concealed under the trim, and there is a simplified serial connection for multiple mat systems.

The UMA series are available with a single 4-wire cable or two 2-wire cables, the 2-wire version makes it easier to series connect without the need of running individual cables back to the control panel.

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