Mark and Colour Sensors

What are mark and colour sensors?

Mark and colour sensors can detect specific marks, changes of colour or other process indication marks or bars on objects. They are primarily used in packaging, labelling, printing and textiles, but can be used anywhere specific mark detection is required.

Colour sensors (also known as colour detectors) are photoelectric devices that emit light and detect the colour of the light reflected back from an object. They can detect the intensity of light and differentiate primary colours like red, blue, and green. They are commonly used in the food and beverage industry to sort produce based on colour.

Why use mark and colour sensors?

Mark and colour sensors play a key role in process control and traceability. They help to improve product quality and eliminate the risk of defects.

They can also help to boost production and minimise downtime.

OMRON industrial colour sensors and mark detection

OMRON E3ZM-V mark sensors come in compact stainless steel housing, ideal for food packing applications. The E3X-DAC-S provides reliable mark detection, even in challenging applications. Its separate sensing head setup allows for easy mounting, even when space is crucial. Easy to install, these sensors deliver reliability, accuracy, flexibility and stability.

If you’re looking for an easy-teach colour detection sensor, OMRON’s E3X-DACLR provides reliable and easy to set up one-touch colour verification and identification of up to four colours. The separate amplifier allows mounting in easily-accessible areas for operators, while the small sensor head can be mounted even when space is limited.

OMRON mark and colour sensors deliver high performance and value for money. Contact us for more information.