What is an energy monitoring device?

Energy monitoring devices give you data about your devices’ consumption patterns, so you can make more informed and strategic energy management decisions. The data from your energy monitoring system helps you control and save energy, and can identify any inefficiencies within your business.

Where to find the best energy monitoring devices

OMRON offers Australia’s widest range of energy monitoring devices and smart power meters.

Our smart power monitor components, such as the KM-N2 and KM-N3 series, monitor the power used by each machine in the factory to help you conserve energy. This general-purpose series enables all types of power measurement, with easy installation and easy system construction. You can mount them on or in control panels and distribution boards and take advantage of their compatibility with power supplies around the world. They have a multi-circuit measurement system, many host communication methods and a multi-address system.

The KM50-C series measures power and current simultaneously, and can give you a measurement of generated power (regenerative power), leading reactive power, lagging reactive power and consumed power. This series allows you to compare power consumption with the flow rate of air, gas, or other fluids with a single unit. Pulse inputs can be counted or used to measure the ON time. You can also set alarms for generated power (regenerative power), current, voltage, power factor, or reactive power to assist plant monitoring.Data can be saved as follows: 5-minute data for two days, 1-hour data for eight days, 1-day data for month, and 1-month data for one year.

OMRON’s KE1 series is the first unit structure in the industry that enables both power and earth leakage monitoring in just one unit. It’s also the only unit to implement multi-circuit measurements.

Alarm outputs are provided for open phases, reversed phases, overcurrents and earth leakage in power equipment. This series constantly monitors insulation deterioration from cutting oil and water used to clean equipment. Additionally, it has DeviceNet communications for 30 words in 100ms and can log data of voltage fluctuations before and after momentary power sags.

Air flow sensors like our D6FZ-FGT series are used to measure the leakage and usage of compressed air at a machine. It has an 11-segment, 8-digit LCD which makes it easy to read and check at a glance. An OMRON MEMS chip is used to achieve the highest accuracy in the industry* of ±2% F.S. (at 50 L/min or less) and a leakage measurement accuracy of ±0.5% F.S. at a low flow rate of less than 50 L/min. This allows you to identify the air flow that is discarded as leakage when machines are not operating to save money.

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