How OMRON leads the way in sustainable packaging

March 03, 2024

At OMRON, we’re always looking to improve our energy efficiency so you can improve performance and efficiency.

How OMRON leads the way in sustainable packaging

At OMRON, we’re always looking to improve our energy efficiency so you can improve performance and efficiency.

Within OMRON there is a strong focus on environmental management practices to reduce CO² emissions, while increasing our production.

Our key aim is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our value chain and establish a resource recycling model.

And when it comes to sustainable packaging, OMRON is an industry leader.

This month, our sustainability achievements in the Electronics Sector were recognised by the highly regarded Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO).

APCO is a not-for-profit organisation that unites brand owners with Government to reduce impacts of packaging waste.

APCO works with governments, businesses and other organisations from across Australia’s large and complex packaging value chain to develop strategies and programs needed to build a sustainable national packaging ecosystem in Australia.

Its main aim is to develop a packaging value chain that collaborates to keep packaging materials out of landfill and retains the maximum value of the materials, energy and labour within the local economy. 

Each year, APCO measures its members’ packaging sustainability performance against a set of strict Packaging Sustainability Framework criteria.

In its 2023 Annual Report, APCO gave OMRON an overall sustainability score of 78% -- well above Australia’s Electronics Industry average.

The report shows OMRON is punching well above its weight in these key areas:

  • Government & Strategy
  • Design & Procurement
  • Recycled Content
  • Recoverability
  • On-site Waste

However, we’re not resting on our laurels. We’re always striving to improve.

In the year ahead, we will continue to assist APCO in achieving its 2025 National Packaging Targets. 

We will continue to:

  • MINIMISE energy/resources for business activities, while promoting recycling/reuse for reduction of waste
  • OFFER environmentally warranted products that help reduce negative environmental impact throughout their life cycle
  • ASSESS environmental impact of the entire supply chain ranging from procurement of raw materials to production, sales and distribution, and strive to reduce its negative impact on the environment
  •  PROMOTE education and activities that encourage all employees to heighten their ecological awareness and upgrade their level of environmental preservation activities

At OMRON, we will continue to innovate for a sustainable future by putting people and the planet at the forefront of our decisions and actions.

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