What are timers and time switches?

A timer is a control device that outputs a signal at a preset time after an input signal is received. A time switch is a control device that turns a load on/off at set times. Timers control the time from when the power is turned on or the input signal is supplied to when the operation starts, whereas time switches control the time of day at which the operation starts with the power on.

OMRON timers and time switches

Find a digital or analog timer that meets your specific requirements from our portfolio. In addition to analog timers and digital timers, we also offer time switches for 24-hour, weekly and annual time control. Here’s a look at our product range.

Analog timers

The H3CR-A solid state timer delivers a 3-phase input power supply series that is affordable and compact with reliable 24 VDC output. Or try the H3Y-B miniature on-delay timer for ‘Push-in Plus’ sockets, which allows you to select time ranges from 0.04 s to 3 h in one unit.

Digital timers

OMRON’s H5CX-N digital timer has been designed based on extensive customer research, and is packed with handy features. Another great option is the H3CA solid-state timer with eight field-selectable operation modes. It's easy to install and fits 8 or 11-pin sockets.

Time switches

Achieve easy energy savings with the H5S digital time switch which can control lighting, HVAC systems and production equipment. Features a weekly & yearly timer with LCD display. For a compact time switch that is easy to program, choose the H5F digital daily time switch - a 1/16 DIN daily timer with LCD display.

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