What is a temperature controller?

A temperature controller is used to control a heater (or other equipment) by comparing a sensor signal with a set point, and performing calculations according to the deviation between those values. Here’s what you need to know about temperature controls and a look at our range.

Thermocouple temperature sensors

Thermocouple sensors are constructed using two different metals joined together to create a ‘measuring junction’ and ‘reference junction’. A thermoelectromotive force is generated between the junctions, allowing the sensor to detect the temperature at the measuring junction. Thermocouple temperature sensors can measure the highest temperatures among contact temperature sensors by using this measurement method. OMRONs extensive range of temperature controllers includes:

General-purpose temperature controllers

- E5CC series temperature controller offers precise control, easy set-up, and exceptional visibility. The fast-sampling period of 50ms assures accurate and responsive control.

- E5DC/E5DC-B series temperature controllers offer high performance in an ultra-slim 22.5 mm wide body, with the same user-friendly interface and sharp display as the other E5_C series controllers.

Basic temperature controllers

- E5C2 basic temperature controllers are a compact, low-cost option with a setting accuracy of 2% of full scale. It incorporates a plug-in socket allowing for DIN-rail or flush mounting.

- The new E5CB series digital temperature controller provides you with the best control available. There are eight models, all with alarm relay and auto-tuning as standard.

Advanced and multi-loop temperature controllers

- The E5EC-T programmable controller offers performance, easy set-up and exceptional visibility. Built-in ramp/soak features make it ideal for glass and ceramic processes.

- E5AN-HT advanced high-performance temperature and process controllers add a wide variety of applications that can be handled via program settings with up to 256 segments.

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