What is a power supply?

Electricity comes as AC power. But the circuits and components used inside automation equipment and other electronics will be damaged by these high voltages, and require regulated DC power. A switch-mode power supply converts commercial AC power to regulated DC power.

Switch-mode power supplies

Switch-mode power supplies take commercial AC power and convert it to high-frequency power. They are compact, lightweight, and highly efficient - however, some noise may be generated.

OMRON’s range of power supplies

OMRON has a wide range of switch mode power supplies, plus accessories/options such as circuit protectors, noise filters and terminal blocks. Here are a few highlights from the range:

S8VK series power supplies: There’s an S8VK series for every need - the cost effective S8VK-C, the standard with single-phase input S8VK-G, the standard with three-phase input S8VK-T, and the redundancy unit S8VK-R. The robust design and construction of all models can withstand harsh environments and wide temperature ranges.

S8VS switch mode power supply: The S8VS-A/B series are AC to DC Power supplies with a display of output voltage, output current, and peak hold current. The ‘A’ type shows the maintenance forecast time in operational years, and the ‘B’ type has a total run time monitor to allow you to properly schedule maintenance.

S8FS-G switch mode power supply: An ideal solution for machine tool and semiconductor manufacturing equipment, the S8FS-G is offered in a panel mount or DIN rail mount configuration. It’s stable in severe installation environments, such as those with high ambient temperatures and humidity, large vibration or those with unstable input voltages.

To complement our power supplies, these options are also available:

- S8V-CP Series DC Electronic Circuit Protector

- S8V-NF Series Noise Filter

- XW6T Terminal Blocks with Visible Indicators

See the full range below or contact us for more information.