Machine Automation Controllers: the essential guide

Machine automation controllers are used to manage logic, motion, safety, vision and robotics tasks. They are essential for any industrial project where a process or machine needs to be automated. Some machine automation controllers are small with built-in inputs and outputs, others are rack-based and designed for large applications involving many sensors, complex robotics or even quality inspection and validation systems.

Industrial vs commercial programmable controllers

Compared to commercial and hobby controllers, industrial controllers are built to last decades, are extremely simple to set up and maintain and support. They are built in a way so that your operation, however big or small, can depend on them.

OMRON offers only industrial controllers suitable for advanced machine control, process control, IIoT and Industry 4.0 applications. We also have a large industry following, with local and global partners specialising in all types of applications. OMRON also has a very large global install base covering most of the global 1,000 largest companies in food & commodities, pharmaceuticals, automotive, semiconductor and much more.

Choosing the right machine automation controller

There are a range of different programmable controllers to choose from in OMRON’s range including motion controllers, UPC UA controllers, network controllers and robot controllers.

The right controller is often dictated by the size and complexity of the intended application, and depends on your required inputs, outputs, protocols and speciality functionality such as motion control, temperature control, vision or even robotics.

OMRON’s flagship is the NX range, which has all the latest technology and can control anything from a small system all the way up to thousands of inputs and outputs. It can handle the full suite of protocols like EthernetIP communication, EtherCAT, OPC UA and much more. It can also control a synchronised motion axis, and is expandable to include safety systems. It’s the first stop for any project.

Explore OMRON’s NX Range of machine controllers

- The NX1P is suitable for small to medium applications. It has built-in inputs and outputs and supports both EtherCAT and Ethernet/IP making it a fantastic all rounder.

- The NX102 comes with protocols like OPC UA and supports encrypted communication for interorolobility and security in IIoT and Industry 4.0.

- The NX7 is currently the world's fastest machine automation controller. This controller is perfect for large and complex applications where only the best will do.

OMRON EtherCAT Controllers

The SYSMAC Studio provides an integrated development environment to set up, program, debug, and maintain NJ/NX-series machine controllers, as well as EtherCAT slaves.

The OMRON brand is recognised for quality and reliability. OMRON technologies deliver better performance, greater productivity and increased efficiency – and they’re built to last. Get in touch to find out more about OMRON’s range of machine automation controllers.