What is an electromechanical relay?

Electromechanical relays serve as a protecting and controlling device for different circuits, equipment, and electrical networks in a power system. It completes or interrupts a circuit by physical movement of electrical contacts.

Electromechanical relays vs. solid state relays

Electromechanical relays use a physical moving part to connect contacts within the output component of the relay. The movement is generated by using electromagnetic forces, which allow the completion of the circuit.

Solid state relays lack moving parts. Instead, they use a low-power electrical signal to allow a high-voltage signal to pass through the SSR’s output component.

Where are electromechanical relays typically used?

Electromechanical relays are typically used for motor control, automotive applications (such as an electrical fuel pump) and industrial applications where control of high voltages and currents is needed.

The best electromechanical relay manufacturers

OMRON offers a huge range of electromechanical relays, relay sockets, industrial high power relays and harmony electromechanical relays for all kinds of applications.

The LY series is a miniature power relay equipped with arc barrier and built-in diode. LY relays come in single, double, three and four-pole models and can be mounted by DIN-rail by socket, PCB and flange.

The G2R-_-S series is a space-saving plug-in that covers a wide range of applications. It comes as standard with a mechanical indicator, is e and lockable test button options, and covers a wide range of interface applications. Contacts are rated SPDT type 10A / DPDT type 5 A. G2R-_-S electromechanical relays are available with gold clad contacts and diode, whilst the socket and crossbar range offer maximum flexibility during installation.

The G2RV-SR Slim I/O series is ultra-compact, reliable, and suitable for most applications, especially machine manufacturers and panel builders. Just 6mm wide, the relay is ideal for compact panels and equipment. It uses push-in technology for ease of wiring and has a convenient LED to check operation.

The MKS series relay has proven its reliability, durability, and customer satisfaction for over 50 years in production. With millions of units being sold over decades, this time-tested relay is still a favourite for all-round applications. It has a large temperature range of -40C up to 60C, lockable test button and can switch up to 10A.

OMRON also has the G7J series - a high-capacity multi-pole relay used like a contactor. With a rated load current of 25A due to the miniature hinge for maximum switching power, the G7J can switch both motor loads as well as resistive and inductive loads. G7J has no contact chattering for momentary voltage drops up to 50% of its rated voltage.

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