What is a condition monitoring device?

As you may expect, a condition monitoring device monitors particular conditions within a machine - such as temperature and vibrations in machineries, motors, auxiliary systems and compressors. Machine and motor condition monitoring can help you spot small problems before they become big ones.

Condition monitoring technologies for predictive maintenance

Condition monitoring devices are an essential part of your maintenance function. The data that your condition monitoring devices collect over time gives you an insight into the current state of a machine, as well as its history. This information can be used to anticipate how a certain machine will perform and how it may degrade over time, allowing your maintenance staff to schedule tune-ups based on these predictions to avoid failures and downtimes.

OMRON’s range of condition monitoring devices

OMRON has a wide-ranging portfolio of condition monitoring technologies and digital monitoring products for all kinds of applications.

The K7TM heater condition monitoring device can measure the resistance values of resistive heaters properly and periodically, allowing for heater condition and trend monitoring both on-site and remotely. Heater resistance value trends are not able to be determined using the basic voltage/current calculation, since the temperature controller and heater characteristics influence this calculation. The K7TM is able to measure the resistance values regardless of these influences by filtering them out. Additionally, the K7TM monitors the deterioration trends in heater resistance by comparison with historical resistance values when used in the same environment.

The K6PM thermal condition monitoring device is a compact, thermal condition monitor that offers continuous thermal monitoring of critical components such as high voltage control panels, transformers, hydraulic equipment, data centres, bearings, gearboxes, and more. Using a controller with built-in display and a remote thermal image camera, it eliminates the need for manual thermal inspections of critical components and allows the user to monitor these components in real-time and at a safe distance. This continuous monitoring gives you the ability to respond faster to issues, reduce downtime and perform predictive maintenance.

The K7GE insulation resistance monitoring device is a remote insulation resistance monitor designed to detect insulation breakdown of single-phase motors, three-phase motors, and servo motors in harsh environments. Insulation breakdown is common in motors operating in harsh environments, and if you aren’t regularly performing manual insulation resistance checks you could be in for some unexpected downtime. The K7GE is capable of measuring insulation resistance each time under the same conditions with high reproducibility. It delivers safe and secure measurement by monitoring the operating status of the measurement target.

Increasing its frequency of automatic measurement allows you to understanding the degradation trend, which is otherwise extremely difficult. OMRON’s K7GE allows for automatic measurement during a short equipment downtime, enabling measurement at the necessary frequency to help avoid sudden stoppages due to insulation degradation - which conventional inspections conducted at long intervals may miss.

The K6CM motor condition monitoring device can quantify the status of three-phase induction motors. With built-in EtherNet/IP & Modbus TCP communication, you can remotely monitor motor current, vibration & temperature or insulation resistance depending on the model selected. The K6CM provides 24/7 monitoring to guard against motor failure by performing multiple checks and alerting users of abnormalities. This device allows the user to perform predictive maintenance, respond quicker to issues, and reduce operational costs. Read more about the K6CM here.